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Friday night service 7:00 PM The shift is coming, the Lord spoke to me well over 25 years ago that when Billy Graham dies there will be a shift. died at 99, will share the prophetic significance the weekend.

Stan and Patty will join us this coming weekend, and the following week.

Stan & Patty Poff from San Mateo county Glory Cloud Prayer Group. We've been together as a prayer group for over 20 years. We operate in the prophetic & the gifts of the Spirit. We meet on Sunday evenings & can say that no two meetings have ever been the same. People come from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to learn & receive from the Lord. We have no agenda. We let the Holy Spirit lead the prayer meeting. We ask the Lord what's on His heart & see what He wants us to accomplish for that night. He never disappoints. The meetings average about 4 hours; sometimes longer. The time seems to fly by. We minister to individuals as the Lord leads. This is basically what our prayer group is about.

Location: 2019 S 231 St. Des Moines WA 98198

March 3rd Stan and Patty Poff, it will be the after glow from the translation conference with Bruce Allen

February 10th Mike Michael Proctor from Barn Church.

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There is a big shift about to happen, Billy Graham's Death, 9/9 God had me finish all creation cries out painting. I finished it 9/9 sept, 2009. 9 is very prophetic 9 speaks of gifts of the spirit, Fruits of the spirit, the Latter Rain. yet is also speaks of break though, Jesus died on the 9th hour. Act 3 the man was begging for alms, Peter went to prayer the hour of prayer at the 9th hour. Man was healed at the gate called beautiful in the 9th hour. Cornelius prayer was heard in the 9th hour this release the gospel through the word. It's the NUMBER OF BREAK THROUGH. THERE IS A BREAK THROUGH OF THE GOSPEL COMING TO THE WORLD. 2. A break through of Prayers being answered. 3 Jesus died the ninth hour, Jesus is coming back for a crucified church.. This is the hour of break though Coming being fully released with those believer who first walk in the Fruits of the spirit than in the gifts of the spirit.


Friday night service at 7:00 PM, come ready to share, the Lord has some awesome things in store for us this year. God's heart is for us to walk in Godly character.

February 17th Bill Dickerson is coming he is a mighty prophet of the Lord.. come ready to receive.

Saturday night February 17 Apostle Bill Dickerson
Location 2019 S 231 St. Des Moines, WA 98198

Apostle Bill Dickerson is a recognized and respected evangelist, preacher, and teacher operating in a prophetic calling. As founder of Gateway Apostolic Ministries, he ministers the Gospel wherever the Holy Spirit leads. As he ministers, the Holy Spirit moves mightily in the hearts of the people, with signs and wonders following the Word of God.

In 2003, Apostle Bill was called to travel full-time across the United States and around the world to spread the Gospel. Everywhere Bill travels he demonstrates the Father's heart, evident of his close relationship with Jesus Christ. He wins souls wherever he goes, always willing to stop whatever he is doing to share the Gospel. Many proclaim Bill as their spiritual father, grateful for all he has poured into them. He has helped many spiritual sons and daughters fulfill their God-given destinies, allowing them to discover and receive their spiritual inheritance, as well as leave an inheritance for generations to come.

March 3rd Stan and Patty Poff coming, they have a prophetic home meeting in San Mateo California. This is the couple I gave the painting to, "the House of Obed-Edom

Monday meeting at 10;00 AM

Location 2019 S 231 St. Des Moines, WA

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