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FRIDAY NIGHT August 18th Stacy Mitchell
Stacy Mitchell he was with the Brownsville Revival for several years, a personal friend with Steve Hill before he past aways. Steve laid hands on him before passing away. Stacy walks a cross in different cities across America as God leads him. He brings the fire of God come an join us this Friday night 7:00 PM

Saturday night August 19th Ernst Woodland will be leading the meeting at 7:00. PM. He as a tremendous passion for the Lord and an a healing ministry. He has been a part of My Father's House for about a year.
NO MEETING Monday August 21 or Friday August 25th Linda and I will be on or 30 wedding anniversary Cruise to Alaska. I was a youth pastor in Sitka Alaska back in 82-85. I look forward to going back after all these years.
August 26th Steve Ford will be Sharing, He has a tremendous love for the Lord taking to heaven many times.
Mick Looney September 2
and more coming up the next few months.
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This letter took a lot of thought I hope my wife doesn't kill me!
• Well the way I figure it, that Jesus began his ministry at 30, and the next 3 and half years where awesome. John the Baptist began his ministry at 30 and he ended up with his head on a platter, but called the nation to repentance. King David began to reign as king when he was thirty, and he was a man after Gods heart. Joseph was 30 years old when he became 2nd in command to Pharaoh, after being in prison as a slave in Egypt: “And Joseph was thirty years old when he stood before Pharaoh king of Egypt. And Joseph went out from the presence of Pharaoh, and went throughout all the land of Egypt.” (Genesis 41:46)
• The priests officially entered service at age 30: “From thirty years old and upward even until fifty years old, all that enter into the host, to do the work in the tabernacle of the congregation.” (Numbers 4:3)
Well the way I figure it I’m in good company and just starting out my marriage, my mom always said I was a slow starter, but I’m a great finisher. Linda has been waiting 30 years for me to get things together, but it will probably take me another 30 years to figure out what those things are. We had a great couple speak on marriage at our church this Saturday and they talked about the 40 day challenge, I may be up to that, but then again I’m getting older, but I yes I can do all things for Christ who strengthens me. I’m like Abraham he was a slow starter too, he didn’t have his first kid until he was 100, well I beat him in that department, but who know we may still have a future in this.

The Bible says he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord, well she has been a great thing, but I’m not sure she wants me calling her a thing, well that’s the Bible for you she is my thing. Wow I hope this goes over well with my wife.
How did I meet my Wife? This takes me back 31 years ago. I had an evangelist ask me if I was married, I said, “no”, Well the Lord wants you to go pray and fast for a wife. Well OK, so my brother and I and another go went up to Mount Rainer for a week to pray and fast. Water only, I cannot believe I made it, I hike 10 or more miles a day for 7 days, water only, I got so skinny when I took a shower I slipped down the drain, thank God for the fire department they worked wonders, they know how to get you out of a tight place, a couple hours went by and they out me out. Well the next day I went to church at the evening service, and there she was, I had seen her before, be she was shy and slipped out the door before I could say Hi! I thought it was my deodorant, but she was just quick to get out. So that night I sat in front of her, she thought I was 18 years old, even than God was renewing my youth like that of the eagle, I was actually 31 at the time. So I took up the courage and asked her out, to my amazement she went out with me. You must know, I had not dated since I was 18 years of age, I had my heart broken and God used that for me to say Jesus I need you as my first love. So I really didn’t date for over 12 years accept maybe once or twice, had a lot of girls as friends, but never pursued relationships, well that is a whole different story, will tell that another day. She said “YES.” WELL THE BIBLE SAYS THIS KIND DOES NOT COME OUT ACCEPT BY PRAYER AND FASTING.” Wow it actually worked.

Well we got married a year later, you may not know this but I volunteered at a church for over a year full time, I had very little money, she really had faith to go out with me, “Well God would provides I would tell her.” But when we got engaged she became my finance’ for she had all the money. But thank God, he told me to get engaged on her birthday, which was the same day as Hitler’s, I had my fingers crossed, but you can see it has worked out. Like I said God would provide, two people came up to me and gave me money for a wedding ring. “Thank you Jesus” This made her dad real nervous, you’re getting married to a broke Pentecostal preacher with no money!” and he was Catholic like my family. Well thank God the week I got engaged the church started paying me $150.00 a week, somewhat lower than minimum wage, but that’s all I needed to know that God would provide, I had coffee money.
On our honey moon we had little money so we camp out, but I went to Banff in Canada love the mountains. We were going to get a hotel but $1000 a night or something like that, just more money than I wanted to spend. So, I told Linda no problem, being the bold guy I was I knocked on a church door, and told them my story. My wife and I are on are honeymoon and have no money, “ I really had to sell it!” So they put us up in their basement for the night so we gave them a thank you card with $20 bucks Canadian, probably a $1.00 American money I suppose but it was all good. Than we went to Jasper pick up a friend that I had met before passing through on my way to Sitka 5 years prior, so he went with us on are honeymoon for the day, and the cool things was as we drove it was raining, and we literally saw a rainbows around every corner, so I took so many awesome pictures of rainbows that day. It was God’s promise of blessings I believe that day.

Well it has been a great 30 years, this Saturday we are taking off for a cruise up to Alaska, I used to be a youth pastor up in Sitka Alaska at a Catholic church, I have not been back in 30 years or so, just like a sailor has friends at every port, I have friends in every port. I think this makes Linda nervous, but I learned on my honeymoon these friends can take me around and I can save money, instead of paying $220.00 on excursions. So if you feel sorry for Linda you can send money on pay pal . make sure you say its’ for Linda, or I will just give it away. I probably shouldn’t say this, because when she reads this last part she is going to be…. I’m not sure what word to use. UNDER COMMENTS PLEASE TELL ME WHAT WORD I SHOULD USE!
Love you all thank you all for your prayers and support over the years, I will have to write the rest of the story later after I get out of the dog house.

Jerry & Wilma Mishler this Saturday 7:OO PM: At Father's House!
Saturday at 7 PM

Location: 2019 S 231 St. Des Moines, WA

Friday night 7:00 PM An important word by Amir Tsarfati - Europe Ready for the Rise of the Antichrist. This is one of the best messages I have heard on this subject in light of the new France President.

Jerry & Wilma Mishler Saturday night Full-time Missionaries to Cambodia Since 2002.
We invite you to browse this website and rejoice with us at what God is doing in Cambodia through the workers of this ministry. As of July, 2008, we have 81 full-time paid staff and 30 interns. Together these men and women of God oversee 2,100 house church groups every week, (Monday - Friday) in 1,100 villages, the majority in remote areas. They minister to over 8,500 Christian adult believers plus around 1,000 unbelievers who come to listen and learn at the house churches.

Our children’s workers minister in 718 locations each week with Village Bible Clubs. They reach 7,624 children each week, four times a month.

In addition to the house churches, we have 37 Worship Centers in 13 different districts (counties). They meet on Sunday. It is a time of praise and worship, hearing God’s Word. There are 448 adults, 88 youth and 640 children total who attend regularly.

Praise God this means that over 17,000 men, women and children are being reached in Battambang and Bentemachey Provinces.

We praise God for the hungry hearts that are open to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. These Cambodian believers are growing in their knowledge of Him and are developing a close relationship with God.
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