Pastor Mike De lorenzo

My Fathers House Ministries

2019 S. 231st  Des Monies, Washington


Service Hours

Friday – 7:00 pm             Saturday – 7:00 pm             Monday – 10:00 am


Directions – My Fathers House Ministries




James Green Friday night Healing ministry

Nathan French Saturday night 7:00 PM both nights


Nathan French coming this Saturday night June 23rd 7:00 PM come expecting a night of miracles, bring the sick, those in need of a touch from God. Nathan has a strong prophetic and healing anointing, that is touching nations. 

7:00 PM 2019 s 231 St. Des Moines, WA 98198


James Green coming Friday June 22, he just is getting back from the Philippines and has been seeing incredible miracles the last two month. donations welcome.. thank you for all your prayers and support.   Pray for Linda, has huge cyst on Knee, can barely walk… took her to emergency this morning.   


Monday 10 AM fellowship prayer and worship.. at our home.


Wednesday West Lake Mall outreach 10 AM -2 PM



Pastor Mike is a Prophetic Artist. Each and every piece has many “Elements of Prophetical Interpretation” .


Dawn Of A New Nation


Go Through The Gates


Darkness Into Light


Portals Of Ireland


The House Of Prayer


The Heart Of The Lord To The Children


The Transformation Of The Eagle