My Father Lawrence De Lorenzo with his Grandchildren

Lawrence De Lorenzo   1/25/07 – 3/15/07

To My Children:


An odd word with so many meanings. A ship without motive power, without

rudder. Without anchor or guidance or purpose. Many of us, in one way or

another can be so characterized. Nothing to be proud of. God, never intended

for us to be without purpose. This would make us fatal to eternity with Him.


The most beautiful word ever said is Love. Without Love nothing would

exist. Not you or I, the world, eternity: because there would be No God!

The one thing God is, is Love. He made us to Love one another. When into

self, Love cannot exist. We become adrift, without purpose.


Why did God create us? Yes, to Love one another, but also to serve, to

help those in need, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to give



We are in this life for such a short time and still many of us spend much

of our time to make more money, a larger home, a beautiful car, to retire

in luxury. We simply must find time for God. He is our anchor, our rudder

to guide us. He has to be the cornerstone of our lives.


Our only purpose in life is to spend eternity with Him. Otherwise this

live comes to nothing. The road to eternity is long and narrow with many

exits. Be aware; all exits lead to dead ends. All are road blocks are our

weaknesses. We live in a world that is an illusion. Hidden from God’s

eyes. Today parents have a most difficult time in raising their children.

There are so many ways that they are led astray. The news media, radio,

T.V., movies, the daily newspaper – they are all slanted towards

self-indulgence, worldly pleasures, to live the ‘American Dream’; an

illusion. Our teens pick the worst as role models; girls dress, or

undress, to seduce the opposite sex. Parents be aware, you will be held

responsible. Unless God is the center of our life we become adrift and

live in a world of illusion, a live without purpose; giving Satan his



Daily, thank God for giving you a mother second to none. Your mom, as

mine, had only a single purpose in life. To Love God, His Church & the

Family. This was the center of their lives from which became God’s joy. I

am proud of all of you. In you, I can see them, a true reflection – by

their fruits you shall know them. Yes, I am truly blessed.


To wake up each morning at the first glimpse of light, knowing that in a

very short time the heavens will explode into a thousand shades of red

and gold. God gives us a glimpse of what He has Prepared for those who

Love Him. How often have we heard; ‘eyes have not seen, nor ears heard,

or hasn’t even entered our minds’ – Eternity with Him. Nothing else, I

repeat nothing else is important. True Love has no price it is given



What carries a price tag is only for this Life there is nothing wrong

with making money, providing we give God His share freely. Make God our

cornerstone, make Him our solid foundation from which to build according

to His plan. Remember without Him there is nothing worthwhile. The reason

for this letter is, I’m trying to make amends for my life. I am a little

wiser now. I have failed you many times as a father. I, too, was adrift

living for worldly pleasures. I suppose it was when I had by-pass surgery

that I realized that I was looking for world pleasures. I got off of the

exit and found the long narrow road. The world has become a better place.


I have written this with tears in my eyes, yes I have been truly blest.