Schedule July 27

Schedule July 27

Judy Parker this Friday night 7:00 PM
I have known Judy for about 15 years, she is a woman who walks with the Lord. She has been doing ministry around the world and mostly America for many years. She walks as a living miracle where ever she goes. She is a graduate of Western Washington University and she is ordained from Full Gospel Christian Fellowship. She was affiliated with Ruth Heflin’s ministry for many years. In the Past she has managed a couple restaurants. She has encountered countless miracles in her life and the life of her family, and she always believes that God will show up where she speaks. It is the presence of the Lord that she longs for these last 40 years serving the Lord.

Judy came to our home meeting last Friday night, I hadn’t seen her at our home in years, I was excited to see her, she shared for a few minutes last Friday, and I encouraged her to come back an share for an extended time, for she has many powerful testimonies to share what the Lord is doing in her life.

Saturday night The God is Justice is coming 7:00 PM
the Lord has put a word on my heart about his justice not only in our lives, but What the Lord is doing in America.

August 3rd and 4th we have Dean Braxton coming he was a man that God raised from the dead, after being dead almost two hours in St. Francis Hospital in Federal Way. He has the Most amazing testimony about being in heaven.

Donations welcome through pay Pal as the Lord leads.

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