Schedule September 21

Schedule September 21

Jonathan Quigley will join us this weekend, he will join us for prayer Friday night.

Friday night continued prayer for the nation, and a rich time of worship and fellowship and the word of God.

Location 2019 231 St. Des Moines, WA 98198

Saturday night Jonathan Quigley he will be sharing and praying for the sick and impartation.   Jonathan has traveled to many nations over the years.  He spends much of his time in Asian and Indonesia, Malaysia and has a home in Long Beach California.  He has a tremendous healing ministry

Donations welcome www.myfathershouseministries.comthrough pay pal.  Artwork also available on this sight. 

bio of Jonathan Quigley

 Tracking Roots back to Cuba

Residing in Cuba since he was four years old, Jonathan shared how his father was in the motion pictures and television business, which eventually blossomed into a television station with two channels. But times of peace did not last. When Jonathan turned 16 years old in year 1959, Fidel Castro Ruz became the Prime Minister of Cuba and took away the television station from his father. At that time, Jonathan’s father was planning to leave Cuba with the family, but he decided to stay when Fidel’s brother—Raul Castro—asked his father to set up, build, and manage a press agency called Prensa Latina. Jonathan also assisted the business by becoming a translator there. However, before long, the anti-Castro Cuban underground warned his father that the Quigley’s were suspected as spies. Hence, the whole family left and settled in Miami, United States. There, Jonathan joined the Air Force and later stayed in Seattle Washington;a special place to him because he first accepted Christ in a FGB meeting there in year 1977.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Even as a young believer in Christ, Jonathan became very involved in the FGB under the leadership of Don Ostrom, president of the FGB at that time. Thanks to his brothers-in-Christ in FGB, Jonathan grew tremendously in his ministry!For instance, that same year he accepted Christ, he went to a camp meeting. There, the speaker talkedabout the baptism of the Holy Spirit and revealed that 35 people would receive the baptism of Holy Spirit that evening.

“As the speaker was talking, I was hanging on to my seat. I felt that the Holy Spirit was trying to grab me and just throw me forward,” said Jonathan, who broke into speaking in tongues even before he approached the speaker.

That night after the baptism, he had an interesting experience in the Holy Spirit. As he was praying in tongues, he suddenly felt that he was dipped into a tub filled with warm oil. From there onwards, he began to develop many gifts given by the Holy Spirit.

John Mark Sandy M. Pool Sept 29th  7:00 PM

Bill Dickerson.  October

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