Friday night service 7:00 PM what is the Lord saying for 2019, Also come ready to share and worship the Lord as we enter 2019.
December 29 Damien Wong from Hawaii sharing power prophetic preacher, with a healing ministry.Senior Pastor Damien Wong of Kona Life Church has been featured in Charisma magazine, on “Praise The Lord” and other television shows.
Specializing in Difficult Cases operating in gifts of Faith, Prophesy, and Discernment. he ministers Deliverance, Physical, and Inner Healing. Miracles occur consistently each week as he ministers the practical Gospel of Jesus Christ.The hurting, diseased, and the dying people fly in as far as Europe and the East Coast for ministry.
Pastor Damien travels to teach and minister throughout the Hawaiian islands and the mainland quite often .
He is affiliated with RAIN MINISTRIES where he goes to speak and minister at their International Healing Conference every year.
Pastor Damien is a father of 8 children and 1 grandchild, so besides doing the work of the Lord he is very busy in his personal life.
New Years Eve falls on on Monday so we will meeting in the Morning normal time starting at 10 AM
New years Day Rose Bowl fellowship starting at 1:30 PM as the Huskies go to the Rose Bowl first time in a while. bring snacks
I want to thank you for all your support this past year.. if you would like to support us before the end of the year, you can do so by going to pay pal or Mail 2019 S. 231 St. Des Moines, WA 98198
Happy New Years. 
Mike De Lorenzo