Friday night We have several giving testimonies, it will be night of God’s glory… Friday come ready to share… we just love to let the Lord have his way.  We have  a few ready to share some amazing things that God is doing.. 

Saturday night 7:00 PM Margaret Richards

Margaret Richards became a minister in 1994 as a result of numerous prophetic dreams the Lord gave her in 1987 that called her to the Pulpit. She didn’t understand this at first–thinking women couldn’t be ministers —- but God confirmed this call through 2 divine appointments from two strong Prophetic voices.
Margaret spent about 12 years helping people out of cults, from 1986 through 1998. It was through this experience that God trained her in Power & Authority, Obedience, Love, Faith without fear, Intercession, Discernment and The Spiritual Realm — its reality and how it works. The Power of God and the Blood of Christ were her constant companion and enabled her to be successful in her ministry.
Wanting something different she then asked God to transition her to another line of service. In April of 2001 He shifted her into the arena of being an Intercessor for America where she traveled to different key states to repent for the sins of our Nation in order to ultimately bring revival. She did this for about 7-8 years and saw a heightened level of Authority, as well as many miracles including healings, prophecies, and raising the dead.
In 2009, on Thanksgiving day, the Lord brought to Margaret a choice between two situations that would chart the course of her life forever. One avenue, if she chose it, would be a blessed and peaceful life — blue skies and sunshine all the way. Or, His choice, if she chose it, would be to go through a horrific battle against the enemy — which He likened to an F-5 Tornado and one in which that she was not guaranteed to make it through. It was hers to choose and she was to discuss it with her family. She was tired of warfare and wanted the blue skies and sunshine, while her family wanted the latter because they wanted the promises that would ultimately go along with that victory. Margaret wanted this too so she ultimately told the Lord, reluctantly, that she would go through the battle.Then a few days later, in December, the Lord came to her and told her that it Wasn’t the families decision but hers…since she would be the one going through the battle. Her response to the Lord was as follows; “Lord you know my heart, I don’t want to! But I also know that you trained my hands for war, and I know that it’s your Will that I go through it otherwise You wouldn’t be here. Therefore, not my will be done but Yours.” This started an enormous battle to which 5 things were taken from her house that would be the areas of battle and they were tough.
It was through this extremely intense warfare, which was later revealed to be a battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal that she learned the full POWER of the CROSS — for it is the Power of God, How to Call Those Things that are Not as Though They Were, and How to Decree for greater authority and ultimate Victory. She learned how to defeat the enemy in Battle — no matter what it looks like — and how to stand on the Word of God as ultimate authority for complete Victory in every area of life.
Margaret officially won the F5 Tornado on October 23, 2017 in Moravian Falls, North Carolina where the enemy made his final attempt to destroy her through the event of an actual Tornado. That very morning God, in His faithfulness had warned her about in a dream and told her ‘how’ to take authority over it.
Now she is to bring this knowledge to the body of Christ as a whole so they can walk in greater victory, and to address the next assignment for the NW to take down Jezebel over the Nation.

Location 2019 S 231 St. Des Moines, WA 98198

February 22 Friday night Cindy Black will lead the meeting she has some exciting things lined up for that night.

February 23rd Fred Meyer will be leading worship and Chris Bangert will be sharing.
February 19 – 27 I will be in Orlando and Tampa for the send Conference and meeting. We also have about 5 former member of My Father’s House that live in the area I will be visiting.

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