Friday night service 7:00 PM 
Hey, come ready to share also this Friday night
Saturday night guest speaker Dr. Jonathan Hansen.
He travels the nations, He has had many prophetic words come to pass for nations of the earth. 
The Calling and Commission
Early in 1985 Dr. Hansen received his first vision from the Lord, which totally changed the direction of his life and ministry. In this vision he saw himself traveling to the nations and speaking to the masses. He was shown the condition of the church and discerned that the majority of leadership were responsible for that sad condition. He became intuitively aware that God was grieved and angry over how the Shepherds had abused and raped His Bride. The Lord told him that many of the churches throughout the world had followed the example of their leaders, who are now trusting in themselves and the value system of the world more than they are trusting in God. He saw himself traveling throughout the nations of the world, exhorting the church to repent and prepare their lives for the return of Jesus Christ.
Returning from the vision, Dr. Hansen received an incredible, intense burden for the church in America and around the world. Within months, he resigned his position with the Sheriff’s Department; terminated his business interests, resigned the Presidency of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers for Spokane County, terminated his work as a marriage counselor, put his house up for sale, and started preparing for the responsibility of helping to restore and heal the church. In August of 1985 he and his wife traveled to Singapore in obedience to the vision and commission God had given him. There he served the Lord on the pastoral staff of Calvary Charismatic Center (CCC), a Singapore Assemblies of God Church, founded and pastored by Rev. Rick Seaward. In Singapore he served as one of the pastors, as well as Director over their short-term missionary program (Gideonites), which sends teams to plant churches. That year he helped to train 90 church planting missionaries, which were then sent to three different countries where they established churches. While serving as the Senior Pastor of CCC, Nairobi, Kenya, he also served CCC Singapore for six years as the Assistant Regional Missionary Overseer for Africa. During this time he also spoke non-denominationally throughout the world with a message of righteousness and holiness.
In early 1989, the Lord spoke to Dr. Hansen through a dream. In the dream God showed him the events that the church was about to go through prior to Jesus’ return. The revelation left him with an indescribable feeling of urgency and awe. For over one year he kept the revelation of what God had shown him in his heart, only sharing it occasionally with a few churches. Finally in July, 1990, God told him to record in writing the chain of events that he saw in the vision and the dream, to warn the church exactly where we are in history, the condition of the church, why God is not pleased with the church, and what the church was about to go through. He felt compelled by the Holy Spirit that the time had come to warn the church of her condition and prepare her for what God was going to allow her to go through to purify and prepare her to meet her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
WMI was birthed by the Holy Spirit to warn the leaders, the church, and society to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Dr. Hansen warns the nations that judgment is coming.