Friday night Good Friday SERVICE 7:00 PM come expecting a great time of ministering unto the Lord, also be ready to share if you like. WE WILL HAVE A TIME OF COMMUNION

John Bulinda This Saturday night 7:00 PM
Bishop John Bulinda and his wife Mary are Missionaries from Kenya in East Africa to the United States of America.
They Pastor and Teach in their Church, Morning Star Revival Ministries which is a Prayer, Healing and Deliverance Ministry under the Five fold ministry of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers.
Their major call is Intercessory Prayer and Training Warriors Spiritual Warfare as well as Building Strong Christian Families.
In our 27 years Marriage we have two sons two daughters and grandchildren.
We seek the Lord to NETWORK with different people and cultures to bring Christ into their lives to impact the natural world by the Spirit of God into His Kingdom.

APRIL 27TH Margaret Richards. . intercessor, the was with us as couple months ago coming to share more in intercession and her prayer assignment for America.

Bree Keyton.. May 3rd -4th she is also a warrior for the Lord, she has scened in her ministry about a millions souls come into the kingdom of God. She has scened the dead raised, limbs grow back on people, she has been translated many time to preach the gospel. She has been in the court room of Heaven many times for spiritual warfare. She also in working with the Pygmies in the Congo. . and much more. Twice God has used her to stop a nuclear bomb from blowing a major city in America. COME FINED OUT THE REST OF HER STORY.

May 11th Kaye Beyer coming the Manna Lady.

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Mike De Lorenzo