Friday night service 7:00 PM it’s going to be an exciting night.
Saturday night Jonathan Quigley will be sharing, and preaching, he will also join us this Friday night for service…
Director/ founder of Jonathan Quigley Ministries International
Ordained with World Outreach Ministries International in Leavenworth, Washington
1. A prophetic evangelistic ministry that has extended so far to over 55 nations in Latin America, Europe, S.E. Asia, Africa, India, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and many other countries.
2. My background is that I was raised in Cuba from the time that I was 4 years old until 17 years old from 1948-1960. My father was in the motion picture and television business.
3. Returning to the United States and after High School in Virginia, I joined the Air Force, stationed in Washington State and Goose Bay, Labrador. After military service, I moved to Seattle, Washington and received the Lord there in 1977.
4. That year I got very involved with the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit at one of their camp meetings, and grew very fast in ministry to the sick, deliverance and gifts of the Holy Spirit. I also was visiting prisons with them in Washington, Oregon, and Canada.
5. In 1980 I was ordained as a pastor of a church in Seattle that later turned into more of a healing and deliverance center. I was there for three years then was invited to be a pastor in Oregon and in 1986 God opened the door for me to go back to Cuba and from that trip, my ministry began expanding to many other nations.
6. In 1999 while I was living in France and ministering throughout Europe; The Lord audibly spoke to me and told me “Go to Jerusalem” It was an amazing trip, I was invited to speak at Ruth Heflin’s ministering center in Jerusalem and later I was invited to her camp meeting in Virginia where I saw many of the signs and wonders that I had experienced while living and ministering Argentina.
My calling and passion is to go into all the world and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom and the demonstration of His power to save, heal and deliver. It has been a wonderful experience serving the Lord in these nations and I pray I can visit many more. I am currently living in Los Angeles, California and I spent a lot of the last 18 years in Malaysia.
Some of the activities I am passionate about are:
1. Pastoral and leadership training
2. Encouraging the saints to be involved in the ministry by helping them to recognize and develop their gifts and callings and stirring up the fire of these gifts and callings.
3. Ministering in the power and prophetic gifts of the Spirit to demonstrate His power.
Monday meeting 10 Am
Location 2019 S 231 St. Des Moines, WA 98198
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