FRIDAY NIGHT SERVICE 7:00 PM, come ready to share what the Lord is doing as we pray for America and Israel. We are in some interesting time. Saturday night 7:00 Margaret Richards bio below In 2002 the Lord gave Margaret a STRONG Prophetic Dream concerning the times we are now living in since the Pandemic; most of which has taken place. He then gave her a Prophetic Dream showing the Roman Soldier/Empire being in place of the Statue of Liberty. But that it is weak and brittle and would not be hard to defeat. In 2011 He showed her the Angel of the Lord coming alive out of the Washington Monument, but was having struggles to do so. Finally, in 2017 through the present time He had shown her the Red Chinese Dragon from Revelation chpt 12 as well as the Statue from Daniel chpt 2, and how the feet of clay is what we are dealing with in regards to our Liberties being under attack. Come here how all this fits together with where we are right now and what our response should be. Donations welcome through PayPal go to, we have some extra expenses this month with speakers coming from out of town. And we have a team going to Washington DC the first week of June. May 22rd Margaret Richards. May 29th a Bishop from Kenya, More INFO later NO MONDAY MEETING MEMORIAL DAY. June 1st -5th a team of us in DC keep up in prayer. June5th Flo Ellers June 11-12 We have Kevid Ford June 19 Jerry Crawford going away services and fund raiser. Address 2019 S 231 St Des Moines, WA 98198