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This Saturday night John Bulinda has a powerful word from the Lord for 2023, during a download from the Lord this week, you don’t want to miss this. 
John and his beloved wife Mary are Missionaries sent to the United States to fulfill the purpose of God, to bring the nation back to God and Holiness through Repentance and turning from their wicked ways in line with Jeremiah 6:16-17
John and Mary are powerful Intercessors and Prayer Warriors with the Ministry of Healing and Deliverance. They are full of the Holy Spirit and Word of God.
God has endowed them with Governmental Anointing and in June 2022, they led their nation to a Kenya Kneels Repentance event under Africa Kneels Banner to stop post election violence that bedeviled Kenya after elections were over. Not only did there prevail peace after elections but the newly elected President and his deputy with their wives knelt before a mammoth crowd in the stadium to humble themselves before the eternal God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
On September 25th 2022, John and Mary led a Team of People from different denominations and faiths to Olympia State Capital of Washington for the National Day of Repentance and Prayer under America Kneels Banner with the portrait of President George Washington Kneeling as a sign of humility before God.
Their vision for the years ahead, is to help bring America back to her Prophetic Destiny as One Nation under God whose Motto is IN GOD WE TRUST.
John and Mary A. Bulinda.
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